Accountability Groups Healthy Body + Grateful Heart Challenge

Healthy Body + Grateful Heart Challenge

Top 3 Tips to NOT gain the average 5 lbs over this holiday season!! 1. Drink up wisely- skip the egg not, water in between drinks & don't over do it!!! You'll regret it in the morning anyway. 

2. Wake up and get your exercise on. Research shows you'll move more throughout the ay and be less tempted to eat the unhealthy treats!!

3. Feast on good company!! Surround yourself around people who will lift you up and hold you accountable so you don't totally get off track!! I have you covered!! I'm hosting a 21 day November to Remember group!! Our focus will be on fitness, nutrition, gratitude accountability and so much more!!

I'll be sharing holiday healthy recipes, our favorite traditions & of course there will be some fun giveaways. 

You don't want to miss out on this. 

If you want to join me or ask questions...go to contact (under company info) at the bottom of the page. I will answer your questions and email you info.